Camping regulation

Kind customers are asked to review and comply with the following internal rules:

  1. Arriving campers are asked to report to the reception for registration.
  2. Entry to the campsite is allowed from 7.00 am to 11.00 pm by own means, on foot outside this time.
  3. The outgoing campers are asked to leave the pitch clean and tidy and will have to leave the camp by 12.00 to avoid the charge of the entire day. It is preferable to make the payment the night before departure.
  4. It is allowed to keep small pets inside the campsite as long as they are kept under control by the owner (dogs on a leash).
  5. The parking of your car is allowed only inside the assigned pitch or in the specific internal parking area, if the availability is available. Motorized vehicles must not exceed the speed limit of 5 km per hour.
  6. External visitors are allowed only with the authorization of the Manager, upon release of an identity document.
  7. From 23.00 to 7.00, campers are required to respect the silence (during these periods the use of motorized vehicles is strictly forbidden) except for events or events organized by the Management.
  8. It is forbidden to smoke inside the common areas (bar / reception, toilets, laundry …).
  9. It is forbidden to light free fires inside the campsite.
  10. It is forbidden to cross the fence at the cliff.
  11. It is absolutely not possible to dig channels or to ruin the ground of the pitch.
  12. Any damage caused to the structure will be valued and refunded directly to the Manager.
  13. The toilets are to be left in the same condition in which you want to find them. Children under the age of 10 must always be accompanied by an adult.
  14. Adults are responsible for the behavior of the minors assigned to them; the use of the games is permitted under the supervision of an adult.
  15. No responsibility is assumed by the Management for lost or stolen objects and values ​​and for damages to persons or things not depending on the direct negligence of the Camping staff. Possible responsibilities are limited for events occurring within the fenced area of ​​the campsite itself.
  16. The Management reserves the right to remove from the Campsite those who, at its sole discretion, create damage or disturb the good performance of community life or do not respect these rules.