Animal regulation

Your pets are welcome at our campsite, but in order not to

cause problems to other guests

we ask you to respect the following rules:


  • The presence of animals must be communicated upon arrival or booking.
  • Entry of animals must be authorized by the Management.
  • Dogs must be provided with the appropriate health book indicating the vaccinations carried out.
  • Breeds of dogs and animals deemed dangerous or reported by the competent authorities may be removed from the campsite at the discretion of the Management.
  • Inside the campsite dogs must always be kept on a short leash and always in the company of the owner.
  •  It is not allowed to leave the dogs free or alone inside the pitch.
  • In order to guarantee the sanitary regulations within the Camping, dogs must be accompanied outside the campsite for all their physiological needs, which must be immediately collected.
  • It is the owners’ duty to ensure that their pets do not disturb other guests and do not invade another person’s pitch.
  • Noisy dogs, who growl or bark repeatedly, will not be allowed to stay in a campsite.
  • Any damage caused to third parties and / or camping facilities by the animals is the sole responsibility of the owner.
  • It is not allowed to bring the animals inside the bar and in the camping facilities (toilets and laundry).
  • Owners who do not comply with this regulation will be initially rebuffed and subsequently be asked to leave the campsite.
  • Guide dogs for the blind (Law 34/1974) are exempt from this regulation.